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Enjoy International, Restaurant, Private Dining, $$ and Date night cuisine at ESKQbar in Canggu, Bali


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Canggu, Kuta Utara, Badung Regency


+62 821 4587 6880

Open hours:

Mon: Closed Tue - Sun: 6pm - 2am

Step into ESKQBar, a slice of culinary finesse amidst the laid-back luxury of Bali, where every dish promises a story and every sip whispers of the island's charm.

Nestled in the heart of this tropical paradise and the neighbourhood of Babakan, ESKQBar unfolds as an elegant yet welcoming sanctuary, with a decor that whispers of beachside chic meets contemporary class. Here, amidst the soft clinking of glasses and the warm, inviting glow of ambient lighting, friends gather and strangers become companions under the thatched roof of camaraderie.

Begin your epicurean journey with their famed cheese and charcuterie board, a cornucopia of fine cheeses and cured meats that entices palates with its symphony of flavors. The artisanal breads with olive oils become a canvas upon which your taste buds will paint their satisfaction, while the delicate salmon carpaccio waltzes with citrus and greens in a refreshing prelude to the main event.

For those who revel in the act of main course indulgence, the mushroom risotto delivers a creamy, earthy euphoria, wonderfully crowned with curls of Parmesan, or select from their fillet mignon medallions, grilled to tender perfection. Each dish is crafted with an artist's touch and served with a promise to transport you through Bali's savory landscapes.

The libations at ESKQBar are no less impressive, with a discerning selection of wines curated by wine lovers and cocktails that mirror the island's sunset hues and tropical inklings. Allow the bar to curate an experience for you, perhaps with a signature craft cocktail that captures the spirit of Bali in a glass. Enjoy delicious food and wines by the glass, late into the evening.

As night falls over the island and stars peek through the gentle sway of the palm leaves, ESKQBar stands as your culinary beacon. So why resist the call? Bali's vibrant flavors await at ESKQBar, where every meal is not just eaten, but experienced.

ESKQbar is the perfect cuvee you have been searching for.

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Overview 3 reviews


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