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Pizza and Pickles

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Enjoy Pizza cuisine at Pizza and Pickles in Kedungu, Bali
Pizza and Pickles
Pizza and Pickles
Pizza and Pickles
Pizza and Pickles
Pizza and Pickles
Pizza and Pickles
Pizza and Pickles
Pizza and Pickles


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Jl. Pantai Kedungu, Kedungu, Kediri, Tabanan
Bali 82121


62 812 3945 3805

Open hours:

Everyday: 1pm - 9pm

Welcome to Pizza and Pickles, where every bite is a slice of paradise!

This eatery is as laid-back as can be for a cool Kedungu vibe and embodies the easygoing spirit of Bali. Reclaimed wood furnishings, an outdoor patio, and greenery surround, you'll feel like you’re in the right place after a day spent on the surf, complete with a touch of island charm.

Indulge in handcrafted pizzas, where the dough is the star of the show. The secret? A 48-hour proofing process that fuses the best of Naples and New York pizza-making techniques. Each crust is a work of art, with malt replacing sugar and a hint of smoked sea salt that adds a pinch of magic.

For true pizza fans, the Margherita ‘OG” is a classic Neapolitan masterpiece with mozzarella cheese, plum tomato sauce, and fresh basil leaves. If you crave something more adventurous, The South Easy contains a Neapolitan tomato base, NYC-inspired pepperoni, green chillies, mozzarella, rucola salad with lemon dressing, transporting you straight to heaven with each bite. Their zero waste emphasis even assists you to eat all your crusts with a selection of dips to ensure you enjoy every last mouthful. Mamma would be proud of you!

Come on down to Kedungu, Bali, and let the good times roll, one slice at a time.

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